Diamond Arrested Over a Certain Video He Posted on Snapchat


The Maghufuli nation isn’t playing when it comes to enforcing laws and rules. I’m guessing he looks at Kenya s politics and shakes his head because honestly our political system is messed up.

DIamond Platnumz, the biggest East Africa musician at the moment has been riding high these past few days after his song featuring Neyo mad it to the top of the iTunes list. Diamond also over the weekend held an unveiling party for his son as he turned 40 days old.

Diamond had earlier posted a video of himself on social media driving without having fastened his seat belt and the long arm of the law caught up with him. Chibu reported to the traffic police HQ where he recorded a statement and made to pay some fine. He then too to his IG to warn all motorists against driving without obeying all traffic rules.


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