Dethroned Miss World Kenya, Roshanara Ebrahim, Recounts Misdiagnosis Ordeal By Top City Hospital

Miss World Kenya 2016

In what could be termed as an unprecedented move, the Kenya Miss World franchise dethroned the 2016 miss world title holder, Roshanara Ebrahim. Well the dust has since settled on the matter which the beauty queen fought fearlessly in court.

That said, the beauty queen recently went through a risky ordeal after misdiagnosis by renown city hospital, the Nairobi Hospital. In a lengthy post she narrated;

“I’m soooooo damn upset and frustrated with The Nairobi Hospital for misdiagnosing me. I got a viral flu which turned to bronchitis which basically features a bad cough. I got onto antibiotics locally, and was getting better although a sore pain had started developing around my rib area on the right side especially when I coughed. One morning two and a half weeks ago, I felt a very unbearable sharp pain as I coughed which broke me down to the ground, I had heard a snap and knew I’d broken a bone or collapsed a lung, I was completely incapacitated and unable to even move let alone walk. I was taken to emergency at Nairobi hospital and put in a wheel chair to the ward where I was injected with pain medication, twice, the pain became bearable but still horrid.”

She continued to say; “A chest x ray, blood tests and organ function tests and three doctor changes later (Each doctor got busy with other *more injured* patients) a lady doctor went through my tests and concluded I was perfectly fine and just had a low tolerance for pain and just needed to continue my antibiotics. She prescribed pain medication and asked me to go home. I felt crazy!!! A week later and I was still in unbearable pain that would leave me in tears every time I coughed. The pain got so bad it brought me to my knees. I was in bed for days after that.”

When symptoms persisted she decided to seeks another medical opinion;

“Today, I had enough and went to M.P. Shah Hospital for an X ray. Guess what? I’ve been walking around with a broken rib! Luckily, I haven’t been exerting myself but they say I could’ve ruptured my lung! #MedicalNegligence So much for having faith in our doctors. Was it not clear there’s a bone sticking out my back!? The bill difference. I paid 2200KES today for the x ray that defined everything, the bill at nairobi hospital was more that 10 times that and they did nothing for me. NOTHING!!!!!”

She finished off her lengthy tirade by saying; “I could be dead today! My family even flew in to see me as I was in serious pain, I remember nights last week where everyone would stand around me in the wee hours of the night feeling so helpless as I cried for hours at end begging for the pain to go away. This is despite all the pain pills. There I was thinking I was crazy and couldn’t handle pain. The pain meds from Nairobi Hospital got my ulcers to flare up and that made life even harder! I’m so so disappointed and glad I’ll be alright soon. Thank you M P Shah Hospital for believing me and not calling me crazy, the staff was super friendly.”

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