During last night’s heated interview with Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV, Mike Sonko’s flashy nature seemed to have taken a back seat and was focused on the day’s matters. The flamboyant governor had hitherto been known for his preference in layers of jewelry.

Seemingly coming of age, the former MP has toned down the amount of bling but clearly, has chosen to go for less showy but more expensive bling.

Quality over quantity.

The timepiece he was rocking last night had watch collector Mike Okinyi’s interest piqued. Okinyi’s estimates had placed the value of the watch at around 800,000 shillings.

Sonko confirmed the price to be between Six to seven thousand dollars which is what the watch costs before the all gold customization

The Hublot is known to be one of the most luxurious watch brands in the market, the luxury Swiss watch brand Hublot (French for porthole) was founded in 1980, and instantly became world-renowned for its innovative rubber strap – never before seen in the watch industry. Ever since, the brand has continued to pioneer watches with novel cases and materials, calling it ‘the art of fusion’ in which traditional watchmaking techniques are combined with modern innovation.

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