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Dennis Itumbi Discloses What Jacque Maribe Is Upto Once She Is Granted Bail

“May she get bail so that like she told me yesterday, she can ” try and end the pain of tens of remandees who are locked up for years because they could not afford bail amounts ranging from Shs. 3,000 to 10,000,”

Jacque Maribe and Itumbi
Jacque Maribe and Itumbi

Dennis penned a short prayer saying;

“Dear God, you know her heart, you know she means it when she says ” she will mobilize her friends to assist those suffering because they cannot access legal aid. A programme that should go back to the Judiciary. Those Jacque seeks to assist pay bail as granted by Judges, may not be all innocent of the charges they face, but they deserve a chance to argue their case, within the terms already decided by various Judges, sitting in different courts” reads part of Itumbi’s prayer.

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Itumbi went on adding that;

“Let justice prevail dear Lord. I pray that she gets bail today, so that she can hustle again and bring up her child – Zahari, to achieve all his dreams, like she has always wanted to. I pray that even as she helps – as per by the law established, If anyone needs to pay the cost of a bad choice, or intentional violation of the law, You dear Lord, grant them the grace for that and Mercy where it applies. If they deserve their freedom, may their innocence be established fairly and conclusively?”

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