#DeadPose! South Africans Break The Internet With The Creepiest Challenge Ever


Kenyans on social media, especially Twitter have been busy with the #UhuruChallenge which has fast taken toll as they imitate our very own president Uhuru Kenyatta and his numerous commissioning of innumerable development projects. It was one of the funniest challenges ever on social media because unlike the president, Kenyans commissioned senseless and funny ‘projects’ like commissioning the official dishwashing project among others.

A person participating in the latest internet craze, the dead pose. Picture: Twitter.
Well, while the #UhuruChallenge seemed like one hell of a funny concept, it was nothing compared to the crazy and creepy #DeadPose, currently sweeping the masses in South Africa. South Africans took to social media in large numbers and gave their best impressions of dead people .Creepy, Right? I know.
Just like the mannequin challenge and other online challenges which broke the internet by going super viral, the #DeadPose challenge has broken the internet.

Most people ,South Africans of course who participated in the challenge did not only kill it but ‘killed’ themselves as they took their ‘absurdity’ to the next level. Check out more images from the weird challenge.

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