Are You Dating A Married Man? Lillian Muli Has An Important Message For You


In a society where marriage has lost it’s value and no one seems to respect it anymore, it is very normal to see someone comfortably dating a married man. Our morals have been thrown to the dogs and loyalty is no longer a  vocabulary in marriages.

With little hope left in salvaging marriage and restoring its value in society, it is important to keep preaching against the negative behaviors affecting it. Which is why Lillian Muli’s message to ladies who choose to date married men couldn’t have come at a better time.

Lillian Muli posted a strong message to all young ladies out there,

“To all my little sisters out there having Babies with married men…better watch yourself.”

The message she had is short and clear and should be taken seriously,

When you date a married man and he leaves his wife, you enter a world of lies. He cheated on his wife and he will cheat on you.

It’s really that simple, so the next time a married man tries to hit on you, you should definitely think twice before ‘kuingia box’.

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