Dating On A Budget? Dine In These Fancy Restaurants For Just Kshs. 1000


It is a fact that we can’t always afford fancy dinners at the Radisson Blu or an afternoon dining at the Tribe. Especially for those who are just heading out of college and learning how to navigate life on their own two feet and just beginning to establish themselves as an independent being in the working world.

Also, with ‘unga’ shortage and price hike on food. From groceries, to milk, flour… i mean, the list is endless. If you have the responsibility of house shopping then you perfectly understand what i’m trying to bring across.

This kind of situation, is what tends to make you and bae stay at home with movies for fifty bob and a kawaida meal from the kibanda. [Because at this rate it is so much more cost effective to buy ready made food from your local kibanda than cooking for yourself].

Anyway, lets talk about what brought us here. I’m here to help you take your date/girlfriend/wife to a fancy restaurant on a budget. Realizing that there are so many options out there for those who would like to save a few bucks, yet still spend some bonding time with le bae. Below is a list of a few of the places you can enjoy yourself at less then 1,000 shillings.

  1. Urban Gourmet Burger

Urban Gourmet is located at Westlands Mall in Westlands, Prestige plaza Ngong rd, Galleria, Karen, Village Market and Grden City. On Monday’s their burgers usually have a deal of 2 burgers for ksh. 990. The burger is served with fries or can be onion rings, coleslaw & pickles . The portion is right and the food is tasty. If you love burgers, that is the place to go.

  1. Yao Restaurant 

Yao Restaurant is located at former emerald restaurant on United Nations Avenue. This is also an affordable restaurant worth visiting for lych with your date. Their bento trays go for ksh. 1000 and ksh. 800 for vegetarians. Options include, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian.

  1. Pizza Inn 

I bet most of you have heard of ‘Terrific Tuesday’ Every Tuesday all Pizza Inn branches have an offer on their Pizza. Buy 2 for the price of one. Well, this must be the ultimate deal coz a large pizza can feed upto 4 people.

  1. Go to the movies

Almost every day of the week there is a different offer at a different cinema. I have literally experienced the incredible offer you can get at IMAX at 200 shillings to watch a movie; the downside is that is only for the 7a.m movies. They have other pretty cool deals. Sarit Centre also has an offer every Tuesday for a discounted price on their tickets. Junction’s Cinemax has an offer every Monday for discounted movie tickets and/or free snacks on the side –usually a drink, hot dog, and popcorn.

  1. Order Chicken INN take out and stay in

In this cold July weather, what would beat netflix and chill, and a good meal on the side. Chicken INN has the family pack offer for ksh. 900. A meal that’s set for 4. So if it’s just you and bae, you have enough to save some for later.


If you have any more affordable date ideas feel free to share in the comments below.

*Note: Prices are subject to change at the discretion of proprietors

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