Daima Responds After Viral Video Exposes Worms In Their Yorghut


Social media is powerful. This is a fact which we all must admit. It can bring someone to fame’s doorstep and in the same way strip a person of all their fame. The Internet is so powerful that it has brought careers to an end, soiled reputations and even brought banks to their knees (refers to Chase Bank’s collapse ).

It has been a tough couple of days for popular beverage company in Kenya, Daima, famous for manufacturing yoghurt, juice, milk, water and even milk powder. Daima has been the subject of talk and debate on social media after a dis-pleased customer posted a video exposing worms in his Daima branded yorghut.

The video immediately sparked an outrage among Kenyans as some went as far us urging the Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek) to investigate the company. According to some observers the whole video was the result of a scam by competitors.

That said, the company has finally responded to the claims in an effort the restore confidence in the brand. In a post on their Facebook page, the company explained that;

“No worms can survive in the healthy accepted levels of acidity in yorgut…..the yorghut in the video has discoloration and coagulation which can be as a result of seal tampering and long exposure to high tempratures.”

Well we all know it’s very hard to earn trust back once lost, let’s hope Daima will be convincing enough to Kenyans.

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