Could There be a New Man in Betty Kyallo’s Life?


Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari were dating for almost 5 years before making their union official. The two who have a beautiful daughter together held a big wedding ceremony that became the talk of town for the longest time. Their engagement and wedding photos were everything and their love life seemed to be perfect. Their union was the envy of many and ladies wished to have men that would love them the way Dennis loved Betty,

AA few months into their marriage rumors of their divorce spread like fire and before we knew it Betty had moved out f their matrimonial home. The two later confirmed their separation to the surprise of many.

It’s been a few months since the two separated, rumors of Betty being involved in a love relationship with a certain politician have been circulating. Though the internet keeps talking about it neither Betty nor the said politician has said anything about the rumors.

Yesterday the news anchor posted a photo of herself, the caption on it is what caught many peoples attention and now they wanna know if there’s a lucky man in her life. We all deserve second chances in love and this is probably what it’s hinting. So, question is, is she seeing someone else? could it be the said politician? cold it be Dennis? all we can do is wait;


  • “When you start drawing em’ maps☺because you feelin’ all giddy in the heart chamber?”


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