Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan was mad after some Tanzanians demanded her to vacate in Diamond’s house situated in South Africa.

In response Zari claimed that she doesn’t need that house since she has four houses in Tanzania, she, however, said that she will stay in that house and who really need her to move out can go and evict her forcefully.

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The Boss lady said that she secured the house for her kids.

“Wenye comment za ‘toka kwa nyumba yetu’. Tabia zakuzaa na wanaume bila kutumia akili sio tatizo langu. Nilitumia akili zangu kama mimi kununuliwa nyumba na watoto wangu (it’s a future investment for the kids). Kumbuka nyumba ninazo nne apa Sauzi. Mwenye uwezo wake aje anitoe. #LifeisGucci,” wrote Zari on Instagram.

Kenyan comedian, Teacher Wanjiku came in to support her advising that its wise if she’d just ignore the haters and move on with life.

“I never understand why we give haters so much attention and energy. We should try and post the positive messages more,” Teacher Wanjiku commented on Zari’s post.

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