Cmb Prezzo And Ex Girlfriend Michelle Yola ‘Make Up’


Controversial Kenyan rapper has been making headlines for all wrong
reasons.The rapper,who a week ago exchanged unsavory words with his on
and off girlfriend Yola on social media has grabbed the headlines yet
again,this time parading his prowess matters romance.


The two lovebirds have been serving the public with free telenovela
for the past few months.Just recently,Yola belittled the
rapper,calling his ‘member’ minute.Their war of words went on for
sometime until recently when Prezzo proved to have ironed out issues
with Yola.This is after he shared a viral video of him and the
lass,basking in a post-coitus zone as he engaged his fans on Instagram

Although the two ‘broke up’ a couple of weeks ago,its clear they have
sorted their mess and are back together.What a great way to seal their
re-union than a great overnight romp.

Check out the video below:


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