Classic 105 Evening Drive presenter Terry Muikamba has slammed haters who have been trolling her because of her body.

She took to social media to answer critics who have been attacking her for having a potbelly. She told fans that she’s very comfortable wit her body and people should stop minding her business.

“Okay  I will not be bullied as I ignore  it because I am strong. Before I press send on a picture on the Internet I am well aware of any flawas you might have .. You see that Potti .. I saw it too and I love it.. And it’s mine, so I am not sorry that I don’t met your standard of beautiful.” she said. 


“So as you wait to talk about my waist let me take a hot shower in my beautiful house that my job pays. for, feed my potti with food my job pays for. Watch Netfllix that my job pays for then sleep and wake up at 10am as you wait for my next ugly picture for you yo hate on.”

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