Citizen TV reporter Kimani Mbugua was on Tuesday morning attacked by Nairobi County Askaris.

According to Kimani, he was in the Central Business District (CBD) waiting for his camera man to arrive for their first traffic report, when he noticed the County Askaris harassing a Boda boda rider.

He then started recording a video with his phone before one of the askaris approached him and demanded to have his phone, before they roughed him up as they took him to their offices at Fire Station, where they detained him together with the Boda boda rider.

Citizen TV reporter Kimani Mbugua Photo/Instagram

They took me inside and just behind the Fire building, I identified myself that I was a journalist and I was in the process of doing my job before a man came and started beating me up,” said Kimani Mbugua.

Mbugua narrated that the man who did not identify himself came and started beating him up before one of them realized he was a journalist and apologized. He then took him to the bathrooms and asked him to clean up.

He actually forced me to put a finger print on my phone so he could delete the video I had recorded and some pictures before he gave back my phone,” said Kimani.

The reporter said he had undertook a CT scan at the Nairobi Hospital after suffering head injuries and had reported the matter at Central Police Station.

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