Ciku Muiruri Lashes Out AT The Nation Media Group For Publicly Sharing Kanyari’s SMS


Friday night was to be the night many have been waiting for since Kanyari’s big exposure on National television. After his ‘panda mbegu’ conning tricks were discovered by KTN Jicho Pevu crew, Betty Bayo’s husband pastor Kanyari went missing in action and has since steered clear of the public eye but that was to change come Friday when he was supposed to grace NTV’s Live show The Trend for interviewing.

As you would have it, Kanyari opted out and instead sent a short message (SMS) to the producers excusing himself. This text message would then be shared with the public by the Nation Media Group something that seem to have rubbed former radio queen, Ciku Muiruri the wrong way as she went out lashing at them for that.

Ciku Muiruri Lashes Out AT The Nation Media Group For Publicly Sharing Kanyari's SMS

What an odd thing for the DAILY NATION and NTV Kenya to post. Isn’t this a personal text message? He’s not a civil servant or holder of public office so this cannot be for purposes of public interest. It’s annoying and a major inconvenience when booked guests bail on you but it happens to the best of them. Move on. Posting this says more about you than it does about him.

The world if not the nation already know of Kanyari’s conning nature and yes we still lwant to hear his side of the story be it the truth or another bunch of lies. I also do not think it was wrong for NMG to share the text with the public because Kanyari is already public business but hey! that’s just me.

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  1. Yeah, it sure has a kwaito feel, I dare say even samples of DJ Cleo’s Facebook in small doses… Si kabaya…