Chris Brown To Receive Special Training From Mike Tyson Ahead Of Soulja Boy’s Fight


What started as a mere Instagram tussle between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy has turned into a probable World War III in waiting .It all started with Soulja Boy commenting on Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend’s photo on Instagram. Breezy did not take it easy as he lashed out and engaged him in a heated online sparring session which blew up into a real fight, with both artists looking forward to tearing each other in a ring this March.

Now, Legendary boxing champion Mike Tyson has just added some level of intrigue in the much-anticipated bout between American Rnb singer Chris Brown and his counterpart Soulja Boy. The boxer, through his Instagram account, sided with Chris Brown as he announced that he will train the singer ahead of his fist fight with Soulja Boy. Tyson revealed this in a message on his Instagram account on Sunday.

The former heavyweight champion of the world promised to train Chris Brown and teach him every dirty trick in the book to ensure he emerges the winner.

‘’So it’s confirmed,’’Tyson says in a video posted on his Instagram account.’’I’m training Chris,he chose me as his trainer to take on Soulja Boy.And Soulja Boy,what the fuck you talking about? I’m gonna teach him how to bite somebody’s ear. Yeah,that’s right. I’m gonna teach him every dirty trick in the book to knock you out.I’m not going to teach him how to run.’’He adds.

Tyson’s announcement comes barely days after retired prize fighter Floyd Mayweather announced that he will train Soulja Boy in preparation for his much anticipated boxing match against Breezy.

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