Chris Brown Looking At Jail Time After His Probation Was Revoked


Looks like Chris Brown will be locked up this round. His probation on the Rihanna case has been revoked and also because he was present in 2 separate night clubs when people were shot. His probation officer feels that he should be locked to serve his term behind bars.

The judge said Chris left the country without asking for permission, which is a violation to his probation. Therefore Chris might just be digging his own grave with such small things. Though he is not being charged for the gun shoots since there is no evidence that he was involved but his probation officer is worried about him, he said

There is also concern that when he performs or attends at some of his public events, people will get shot or seriously injured.

But things didn’t seem to get better for him as there was a report showing that he had been arrested twice while still on probation. Also the probation officer mentions that Chris was heard┬ámaking comments about knives and guns during a group [rehab] meeting. And now he generally thinks that Chris Brown is focusing on his music career than the community service and rehabilitation thus recommends the judge to let Chris serve time. For now he is free untill 20th march where the judge will hold a formal hearing to decide on Chris Browns case.

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