Checkout These Photos of Masterpiece That Will Leave You Feeling Old


Emmanuel King aka Masterpiece took the gospel music scene by storm at age 13 with hit Kofi Yoo. Ever since the sensational child star slowly managed to create a fan base of his own.

Besides Kofi Yoo, Master Piece has produced other five songs among them Mihadarati, Never Give Up, Photocopy and Kofi Yoo. He has also worked with producers like J Blessing of Link Videos, Peter of Pin J Records and T-Soh.

The young gospel artist recently bounced back to the music scene after a hiatus with a collabo featuring DK Kwenye Beat dubbed Baba Yao.

Well we have to appreciate that the young artist isn’t so little anymore he has transformed into a young man edging even more closer to the likes of Bahati and Willy Paul.

Take a look at his transformation below;

They just grow up too fast, don’t you think?

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