Check out This Amazing Before and After Photo of Gmoney Months After Hitting The Gym


We have all struggle with weight or been obsessed about having that ‘perfect’ body at some point in life. So many women want to have that hour glass boy shape and spen hours on end trying to attain it. I personally think that being confident in your own body is all that matters as long as you stay healthy.

One of Homeboyz radio’s best Deejays Gmoney has always been a ‘big man’ body wise. Well he decided to ht the gym probably motivated by his colleague Talia Oyando and the results are quiet impressive. Gmoney who adopted a healthier lifestyle and maintained a work out schedule has managed to shed off some weight which is quiet visible from his before and after pictures.

He shared a before and after photo in which he is dressed in the same t-shirt and I must say, he has done quiet a commendable job. He even looks younger don’t you think?

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