Musician Akothee is no longer available. Akothee and long-time lover manager Nelly Oaks got married in a private ceremony in Malindi.

“We decided to have a private wedding and use the money for the two of us. Too many fake people around that don’t deserve our energy,” Akothee said when contacted by a popular news blog.

Akothee then took to social media saying;

“Where do you want to watch our reality show , especially the wedding that you missed?”

In another post, Akothee added that:

Dont be mad for not being invited , we prefer to spend the money on honeymoon 😍😍@nellyoaks thanks @diamonds_dreamafrica for making my dream come true @malindidreamgarden

Would you marry the person you are with now? Be sincere

The two are now enjoying their honeymoon in Malindi. Nelly Oaks announced.

In the photos from their honeymoon we could not see the wedding rings. So is it a public stunt?


Check out photos from their honeymoon:

Singer Akothee and manager Nelly Oaks

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