Android apps that save your data
Android apps that save your data

It’s become a norm on social media for Kenyans to complain how fast their data becomes depleted. At one point or another you may have gotten that data warning text sooner than you expected, your first suspect is usually the service provider but pause, your smartphone and the apps you’ve installed could very likely be behind the unrelenting munching of your precious data bundles.

Unless you’ve actually configured your device, most apps continue running in the background and with an active data connection, you end up using your bundle as communication between the apps and their respective servers is continuous, whether you are using the app or not.

Some apps are renown globally for being data heavy with the regular culprits being Browsers such as Chrome and UC Browser And Social media apps like Facebook and Instagram apps.

To help prolong your bundles’ lifetime, we’ve compiled a list of apps that will greatly reduce your data usage.

Opera Max
Opera Max is a data-management and data-savings app that shrinks videos and photos on almost any app on mobile data and Wi-Fi connections.

Opera Mini
Opera Mini is a tiny functional browser that is fast and powerful but packs some serious data saving features. It requires less resources both in data and phone capabilities.

Facebook Lite
It’s been long established that the main Facebook app is a data hungry application and requires massive resources to keep it running, for a cheaper, faster experience try Facebook Lite which needs less than 3 Mbs to install compared to the main app’s 70+ Mbs.

Twitter Lite
Still fresh in the Playstore, this allows you to stay on top of the latest trends and hash tags in a faster and more data friendly way than its older, larger sibling.

Messenger Lite
Messenger Lite Works exactly like its traditional compatriot only that it’s smaller and requires less resources to function optimally.

LinkedIn Lite
Designed to work with both 2G and 3G networks you’re guaranteed less consumption compared to the main app while carrying out the same tasks. So when you are using LinkedIn looking for a job or researching on business tactic, you do not need to drain your data.

In conclusion, optimize your data usage before you point a finger at our provider, you will realize you have been wasting your bundles and realize value for money especially now that data networks are everyday designing new innovative data clusters.

There are features of some apps like the data heavy YouTube app that you can also take advantage of when you have WiFi access, like download content for offline viewing. This is a feature available on a lot of the video apps, including Netflix.

Some data heavy apps don’t really have alternatives but there are some tricks that can help maintain low data usage. One is to check your phone’s native data manager and find out which apps consume the most then manually closing them when done. With newer Android versions you can disable apps that have a background data connection.


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