British Super Model Naomi Campbell Has This To Say About Kenya After Spending Easter Weekend In Malindi


The coastal town is a favorite holiday destination for many both locally and internationally. It’s one of the biggest tourist attraction although insecurity cases has jeopardized that seeing a drop in the number of travels to this heavenly destination.

British super model Naomi Campbell was not about to have her mini vacation ruined because of that and she traveled to the coastal town of Malindi to have a well deserved Easter break.

From the look of things, the model seems to have had the best time and had nothing but praises for Kenya,

Many people discouraged me from coming to Kenya, saying the country was not yet safe to visit. But I insisted that I would come and here I am. I feel quite safe. I didn’t feel anything different from the way I have felt during my previous visits. There is tranquility here. People should not shy away from visiting Kenya.”


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