Botched? Vera Regrets Getting a Boob Job


If you have ever watched an episode of Botched, then you would know just how bad a cosmetic surgery can go if undertaken by a quack. Plastic surgery these days has become so popular women and some men too are having them every other day with an aim to enhance their physical looks.

In Kenya our very own socialite Vera Sidika has gone under the knife and never hides it. Apart from surgery, Vera is known to have lightened her skin a thing she says she did to boost her self confidence since men tend to like the light skin ladies.

Through her Snap Chat account, Vera shocked her fans after admitting to regretting having undergone a boob job. Vera who has been spending days at the gym to further enhance her perfect plastic body advised young ladies to avoid getting boob jobs and appreciate their bodies as they are.

She concluded her confession by telling them ladies that if anyone though of getting a boob job done that the best place would have to be Beverly Hills. Her rant begs the question, did she have a botched boob job?

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