When it rains it pours and Kenya’s music industry is awash with artists locking big deals. Securing that bag. King Kaka was recently unveiled as The Remy Martin brand ambassador and hot on his heels is Fena Gitu.

Fena Joins the List of artists who are finally seeing the years of working on their brands and craft paying off.

An elated Fena shared on the gram how much this deal means to her thanking a litany of people for their support including family and fans.

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Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the S M I R N O F F K E N Y A B R A N D A M B A S S A D O R 😎 . God, I see you. Let's get it. 🚀 🇰🇪 . Thank you @smirnoffke for trusting The Fenamenal Woman to represent your brand. I cannot wait to watch this beautiful partnership unfold, and proudly represent you wherever I go!! #SmirnoffMixExperience . Thank you to my close friends and family for your continued support and encouragement. You push me everyday to do and be better. I'll keep making you proud. @jaytakeapic A special thank you to you baby. I love you. . Thank you #Fenatics and #TeamFena. We've got another one 😎 Let's link up the Smirnoff Way 🚀 #BrandsThatMakeHerDance. . God, thank you! 😭😂❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥💃💃💃💃

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Niaje is yet to confirm the numbers behind the deal but we’ll keep you posted. Congratulations are in order for Fena.

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