Boniface Mwangi Under ‘Sieke’ For Posting Controversial Picture With Female TV Host


Marriage is one of the most difficult things to deal with.When you become someone’s Husband or wife,a lot needs to change in your life.If you had female friends who would freely dance on your laps,lines should be drawn immediately after crossing over to the other side. Same applies to women and their male friends.

However, one of Kenya’s fearless men recently forgot he was a married man and indulged in an act that has been criticized by Kenyans on Social media. Boniface Mwangi is currently the subject of a serious online troll after posting a controversial picture with NTV’s TV host Kobi Kihara. Boniface posted a photo of him carrying Kobi Kihara in his arms, the same way a husband would carry his wife which caused a stir on social media as Kenyans took to condemning the act.

The human rights activist turned political aspirant had just been hosted by Kobi on her show to promote his book Unbounded. It was after the show when the two shared a photo moment with Boniface putting up the controversial photo moments after the interview.

‘’Thank you for watching the interview on NTV’s Better Living.I missed the gym to do the show so I decided to lift Kobi Kihara after the show.’’ Read Boniface’s caption on the photo.

Social media users pounced on him, claiming that a married man should not pose in such manner with another woman.

The photo that activist Boniface Mwangi posted of himself with TV presenter Kobi Kihara in his arms. PHOTO | COURTESY

Here are some of the comments;

Everton Kip What’s your wife thinking with this now? Ever seen great people like Obama, even Putin or Trump publicly doing such shit? Respect your wife. While you are running around in the streets she cleans behind you.

Paul Ikonya Haiya! Team mafisi Boni has officially joined the sacco

Marto Nganga Tinman Fools carry themselves,, mnapigwa ka private selfie mki inuana, halafu unaianika kwa public, achanga za ovyo kaamze!! Una betray team mafisi..

Valentine Shekinah look for a place to sleep Leo utatafukuzwa home hahaaàaaaa

John Njoroge Si ungeeda kwako uinue bibi yako… pia kulikuwa camera men…bona kobi tu?

Ko Mein Ouch! where is madam? Power of women can bound the #unbounded, and ur enemies are watching.

Patrick Ngunjiri Thats disrespect to your wife no matter how trustworthy she is to you

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