Bomb Found At Multimedia University Confirmed as FAKE.


Yesterday, a student fron Nairobi’s Mutimedia University of Kenya was arrested for attempting to assemble a bomb. Joseph Kamau Ngugi, the 26 year old student was arrested on allegations of assembling an improvised explosive device (IED) at the campus, and was detained at Hardy Police Station in Karen.

It has now merged that this was in fact not a bomb. On Saturday night, MMU security guard saw the device somewhere in the field and called the police. A team of officers led by the area OCPD visited the scene and called bomb experts who said the item was not a bomb or an IED, but a computer motherboard. The following morning a student at MMU reported that his project has been stolen. He was then notified to go to the police station where his said project was taken for investigations which according to the OCPD he did. However, police are still holding object seized.


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