During a recent interview with Citizen’s Jeff Koinange, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore shocked Kenyans after announcing that he has cancer.

The CEO said that he was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency by a doctor in Kenya, instead of the cancer but lucky was tested further by another doctor from UK who discovered the disease in his system.

“The doctors told me at the time that I had probably had it for about six months. He said I was fine but noted that the treatment would he harsh and would take six to nine months,” said Collymore.

“Being diagnosed with cancer was not a big deal. I thought this was going to be tough I called my team and told them to put systems in place for when I would be away.”

During the interview, CollyMore also joked of how radio presenter Maina Kageni promised to visit but never did. He has also neither called nor texted since he landed back in the country on Tuesday.

“Tell Maina if he is watching this, thanks for not visiting me. In December Maina said I am going to come and visit you, bro. He never turned up,” Bob told Koinange after Maina sent a tweet during the show.

He added:

He told me that he was going to call me tomorrow morning that is yesterday. So I  skipped the gym but the guy never did. So when you call, Maina, I am not answering so do not bother,” Collymore said.


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