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Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi Speaks On Ben Kitili’s Interfaith Marriage

KTN news presenter Ben Kitili received backlash after marrying a Muslim lady. According the critics opposing their marriage, a Muslim woman is forbidden from marrying a non-Muslim man and for others, an inter-tribal, interfaith marriage is the ultimate taboo.

The self proclaimed boychild’s president blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has now weighed in on this interfaith marriages.

He believes that a time has come when people can marry across the religious divide as we are no longer held back by the ‘nonsense of religion.’

“The idlers making noise that Ben Kitili has wed sijui a Somali or Muslim, why aren’t they making the same noise over Madtraxx? The reality is that people have moved on. No longer held back by the nonsense of religion. Religion is the most divisive and toxic doctrine in the world. Say no to religion, stop attending those shitty churches and mosques, stop tithing and enriching corrupt clergy who are part of the Jubilee propaganda machinery and see your lives prosper,” read his post.

His followers had something to say as usual. Check out their sentiments below;

princewalterha: 👏👏👏well said le presidente, I no longer entertain such nonsense, by the way right now I’m dating a Somali girl and we are planning to get married soon, nipeleke mtoto msomali kisii keroka.

glenn_makindu: Aiih… I will keep on tithing. I believe in God the father,Jesus the son and the Holy spirit till eternity . Holy ghost fire🔥!

carlosproducer: Bruh, u can’t reason with religious peeps coz they don’t understand truth and facts they only know faith and miracles. When presented with overwhelming evidence of how archaic these bronze age beliefs are, they start experiencing cognitive dissonance then they either implode or explode.

king_nyash: Muslims are hypocrites yet their countries practice slavery

mcfadyen_chihera: Most your so called papas are thieves and do unGodly things themselves. Rape , cheat and enriching themselves using your $$. Papa this papa that as if you don’t know yr papa 😳 you give more respect to@a pastor than your own father😳 shame on e and your papas.

gathirwaanthony: ….have a visit at kayole and Umoja estates you will surprise at how the churches are far too many

armstrong_kaafi_lebron: Sometimes i do wonder if ur mind is packed in your a******* i enjoy what you post( most of them) till it comes to religion

official_hussein_r9: We Fala sasa na ukikufa utaenda kwa babakooo ama 👀👀

ibrahim_91k: Religion only appeals to the quasi-educated and pseudo-intellectual

_wesleywes: Sometimes I read comments and wonder what people think @c_nyakundih you got a good point and I support it but wonder how people get personal with your opinion on churches. Just know one thing because you brought up being a Christian doesn’t mean Muslims don’t believe. Sometimes I wonder how sure one is about his/her religion. I rest my case and hold my believes. A church is your heart stop mouthing


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