Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi Apologizes For Wishing Death On Leonard Mambo

Leonard Mambo Mbotela during a past interview

Early Saturday morning, a tweet by controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi quickly spread the news of veteran radio host Leonard Mambo Mbotela from an alleged road accident.

As everyone responded in shock, close sources came out to discredit the news as false and assured everyone that the ‘huu ni ungwana’ radio host was very much alive and kicking.

The blogger was quick to delete his misleading tweet and accept his wrong doing and even offered an apology to everyone.

“Sorry guys. My always right source was wrong in the Mbotela story. Mzee is very ok and I apologize unreservedly for the post. Errors are common especially when given alerts by a source that’s always on point.I apologize 4 the distress my tweets might have caused. If you had reposted the same story please delete and clarify that he is ok. Let’s wish Mbotela a long life. He is a role model to many. Errors are common and I’ll call Mzee Mbotela to personally apologize for the tweets that have misled and confused Millions of Kenyans,”

The victim,Leonard Mambo also had something to say about this, and decided to just forgive and forget.

“I forgive the person who crafted and peddled the false report that I perished in a road accident,”  Said Leonard Mambo

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