BEWARE: Thieves Are Now Using Fliers to Drug and Rob People in Broad Daylight


Each day, thugs in the city get more and more advanced in how they approach or hit at their victims. While we cannot always have information on their next move, it is always good to keep people safe by informing them of any new techniques used by these crooks who each day make life unbearable for hardworking Kenyans.

If you have been a victim, you know what I am talking about. Street thieves have become very cunning and most of the times, they will leave you amazed at how skilled they are, at times they will rob you in public and no one at all will notice, even in between huge crowds.

The latest scam is using fliers – these days, a lot of people are marketing different products and services during high traffic hours with fliers – they give you these fliers because they know you will keep them and probably read later or a passenger in your car will read. So the latest scam uses this, targeting people driving alone in traffic. They hand you a flier that already has chemicals applied and within a few minutes, the chemicals knock you out leaving you at their mercy. They rob you off anything they can and in some cases, they drive women to secluded locations and asult them sexually.

This is one of the flier used earlier today to intoxicate a victim
This is one of the flier used earlier today to intoxicate a victim


Please be wary of such. Avoid picking these fliers as they may end up being the bait for you. Be safe, share this article, it could save someone’s life.

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