Beef Alert! Octopizzo Takes Shots At Khaligraph Jones For Bleaching, Here’s Khaligraph’s Reponse


Rapper Khaligraph Jones recently appeared for an interview on the Trend and Kenyans on the internet were amazed at the rapper’s new light skin tone. And the reason for his new hue, water, and I kid you not when I say this.

Explaining the reason behind his new skin color, during the interview, Jones said that his life had changed, water is cleaner, he has better food to eat, more money and is not out in the sun too much.

Well rapper Octopizzo recently decided to publicly take shots at Papa Jones. He wrote on his Instagram page; “Ndugu Omollo, nilikua nataka nikutoe Rangi lakini sasa siwezi ju umejitoa mwenyewe ???? Ok this is not even funny am in shock!!,kama ni ukweli hizi risto naskia ati unajipaka aloevera then congratulations coz you just played yourself; Na Kama umecatch feelings katoe diss track coz matime we ukua na kiherehere sana.”

Turns out Khaligraph isn’t going down without a fight. Jones released a response diss track titled “Mask Off: Toa Tint.”

Listen below;

Well I have to admit, I’m confused whether this is a diss track or a guilt track, but you be the judge.

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