Beef Alert!!! DNG Launches A Scathing Attack On Kenya Bloggers


Musicians, radio presenters, dancers and a host of other professionals falling under the entertainment circle, depend on bloggers for several reasons. Radio presenters for instance, will dig up for content to air on their shows from blogs, run by the same bloggers they incessantly insult in their respective shows. Same applies to musicians, dancers and others who have thrived thanks to a million reviews, interviews and hook ups arranged by bloggers.

Well, bloggers may be hiding behind their keyboards for various reasons, but that does not make them thugs, illiterate, regurgitated vomits or idiots as popular Kenyan entertainer Davidson Ngibuini alias DNG wants the world to believe. The former radio presenter early today came hard on Kenyan bloggers as he took sides with fellow entertainer Mykie Tuchi, to refute a defamatory article on the latter, ran by two popular Kenyan entertainment blogs.

Dng’s wrath was sparked by malicious articles about former Camp Mulla’s member Mykie Tuchi who the ‘blogs’ claimed had tumbled from Grace to Grass, owing to his current hustle as an Uber cab driver. Without mincing his words, Dng pounced on the blogs and reduced its writers to litter with unsavory and unprintable insults. Other Kenyan bloggers were not spared either as he included them in his fury.

This is what Dng wrote;

I personally never respond to these stupid articles, but hey, this is a new year! Allow me to respond on Mykie’s behalf:

1. These bloggers are uneducated chaps who think they are journalists. Journalism in this country lacks direction. All these wannabe’s understand is smear campaigns.

2. mpasho is a gutter press blog that employs regurgitated vomit (like this guy Chim) from ghafla– a directionless blog without foresight, hence why you see mpasho using poorly crafted headings such as these to attract desperate pop up ads. It’s a pathetic story.

3. For the sake of the idiots who cannot perceive wisdom, world over, artists who are smart are using their fame and popularity to build brands that leverage on the hype and traction to build businesses to increase their revenue streams and subsequently translate into wealth generation and earnings. Top of mind: Jay Z, 50 Cent, Diddy, Akon & David Guetta, who’s young DJs I watched play in Cape Town on NYE.

4. Music is Show Business. There can be no Show without the Business. If an artist is not making money, it’s time to reinvent or set his/her sights on other things. Business ANY DAY!!! FYI: Business will earn you 100x what you make as an artist!

5. FUCK ghafla and FUCK mpasho! They have zero to offer this industry. All they do is think via their ass. Take that to the bank!”

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