“Be A Proud Mother Honey!” Fan Begs Brenda Wairimu To Finally Unveil Her Daughter’s Face


Juliani and his long time actress, girlfriend, Brenda Wairimu welcomed their first born child, Amor, in 2015. Two years later, we are yet to have a glimpse of the baby’s face.

While many have been able to sit tight and wait for the day Brenda will be comfortable to unveil her child’s face, this fan decided to take on the actress.

“Hey ma don’t u have real friends in ua life….life is short,kids are precious why u hide UA baby face so much….I promise u such pics tell a sad story not all ua friends will tell u.Be a proud mother honey..!!Don’t go down in history as the mother who never showed her baby face in her pictures…” the fan shot at the actress.

Well Brenda didn’t take the shots lying down, she replied;

“social media is not life my dear, my decision to sheild her identity from social media at least for now, for as long as I can, may not be understood by all including you. But perhaps if you were a public figure in the public eye yourself, you would understand better, the delicate nature of the situation. Posting ur babys face on Instagram does not equate being proud of them, or even being a good parent, ask around, plenty of fathers and mothers are parading their kids online, and yet do nothing for the betterment of the kids life or future. Asante for ur concern lakini, though not very well thought out.”

Well Brenda isn’t the only celebrity mom shielding tightly the identity of her child, top female dee-jay Pierra Makena is also yet to unveil her daughter’s face months after giving birth.

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