Bahati Under Attack After Doing This To His Mentee Weezdom


The beef between Gospel singers Bahati and Willy Paul has just escalated to another level.The two who have always had issues with each other are fighting once again,this time for a very trivial reason.Yesterday, social media was awash with images from Willy Paul’s alleged wedding with Jamaican star Alaine.What caught the attention of many was one photo in particular that had Weezdom,Bahati’s mentee posing as one of Willy Paul’s Grooms Men.It should be noted that Weezdom was introduced to the game by none other than Bahati,who is Willy Paul’s number one nemesis.Bahati had signed Weezdom and the two worked on several projects before the latter bounced to become an independent artist.Until his departure from EMB Records ,Weezdom had recorded two songs,which are now the recipe of an ugly online rant targeting Bahati.

Weezdom hangs out with Willy Paul

Weezdom ,who believes his mentor Bahati is bitter because of his association with Willy Paul has come out to accuse Bahati of deleting his two songs from YouTube.The songs in question were recorded at EMB Records.Through his social media accounts Weezdom cried foul over Bahati actions and asked him to start practicing peace than just preaching it.

This is what Weezdom posted:

“Good Morning Kenyans.Today I
Speak To You As A Better Man Coz In
The Past I’ve Been Thru Hardships,Poverty
And Pain ..As U All Know I Was Housed
By BAHATI @bahatikenya EMB Records To Be Precise
And He Taught Me So Much ..The Value Of
Life,Forgiving,Love etc..He Is A Good
Man And I Give God All The Glory For The
First Day I Met Him Coz He Took Me In
As A Brother..We’ve Shared Secrets,Meals,
Stages And Song Ideas.But For A Man
To Grow You Need To Get Out Of The House
Where You Were Born Or Bred To Go
Out There And Seek A Better Life And He
Gave Me A Life So I Wanted To Become A
Better Man.So When We Parted Ways It
Was All In Good Faith And I Started
Doing My Own Projects Thnx To
Guardian Angel @guardianangelglobal
We Have A New Song Titled “Better Man”
Which Is Doing Good In Different Charts
Here And There.

I Am Friends With
Everyone In The Industry..That Is
What Bahati Taught Me That I Should Be
Friends With Everyone Including
WILLY PAUL @willy.Paul.msafi ..I
Don’t Know About Their Rivarly But I
Know That The Bible Says We Should Love
One Another.Me And Pozze Have Been
Friends For A While And Pozze Was Doing
A Music Video A Few Days Ago And He
Called Me To Be His Best Man… And When
I Posted About Willy Paul A Few Hours
Later,Since My Music Videos Were On Emb/
Bahati’s Channels, I Woke Up And Found
That Bahati Had Apparently Deleted My songs. I Am Not Bitter Am
Just Shocked!! That He Would Stoop So
Low But Since He Taught Me The Art Of
Forgiving I Will Let It Go Coz My Wealth Is
Not On Earth But In Heaven..I Forgive
Bahati As My Big Brother And My
Mentor And I Know That In Heaven We
Shall Not Be Judged By You Tube Views
And Comments..”Amenitoa Far” Was Just A
Video And These Are Material Things..I
Forgive You Bahati..Now That You Have Taken The
Landmark Of Our Respect It Is Very Sad But I Am A BETTER
MAN .”

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