Avril ‘Disses’ Kenyan Men


Judith Nyambura Mwangi, popularly known as Avril Kenya is one of the few Kenyan female musicians who are doing pretty well for themselves .The sultry singer who is currently riding high with ‘Zile Vitu’, a collabo between her and Kenrazy recently hit Kenyan men under the belt, leaving most of them hiding their faces in shame. Her beauty has always driven men from different parts of the world crazy. Her countrymen have always been victims of her undisputed and flawless beauty. However, most of them normally talk and plan on how they will ‘score’ her but none really go past the ‘threats’.

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This, the singer revealed herself in a candid interview with a local newspaper. The singer said that Kenyan men are more on the talk but when it comes to actions, they coy away.

‘’Kenyan men are very disciplined, they like to talk a lot on the 140 character but when it comes to the real deal they can’t live to the expectation. When I walk on the streets they just stare at me. Its only girls who say hi to me, but when it comes to twitter, they (men) are there.’’ Avril revealed.

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