Australian Boss Fires Kenyan Lady Who Refused To Kiss And Hug Him


Remember a certain viral video that showed how a Japanese boss forced his female employee to Kiss and hug him as they report to work? The video sparked heated debate online with throngs of Kenyans condemning the act strongly. If you thought the Japanese boss was the only savage in the world,think again.An Australian man residing and working in Kenya has been exposed by his female employee who lost her job because she refused to Kiss and hug him.

In a letter sent to controversial blogger, Robert Alai who shared it with his online fans,the lady claims that her boss, an Australian man has been giving her sleepless nights with his weird demands.The lady who works at a hotel in Rongai said her ex boss has been on her case persistently and stressing her out by demanding a kiss and hug every time she reports to work. Being a lady of substance ,the lass has been denying her boss the kisses and hugs, something that has already cost her the job.

News about the heinous act was made public by Robert Alai who shared the letter on his social media handles.

”Hi Alai,

I’m a waitress in a restaurant (Macchiato Restaurant) at Rongai along Magadi Road.My boss (Australian; Andrew Savage) forces me to hug and kiss him every time I get to my usual shift,I usually refuse and he gets really mad and angry at me to a point of him threatening to fire me.Just recently on Christmas Day I gotten to work as usual and he really insisted and forced a hug and a kiss on him. I got pretty furious and ran away, and he told the manager(Simon Mutavi) that I don’t respect neither follow his rules.

He insulted me but I still persevered the bitter pill, he saw that wasn’t enough and on boxing day he called me for a brief and said that I’m not important to his work I should park and leave, thus I ended up jobless because of refusing to hug and kiss him . It is really painful for me.Why should a foreigner harass me sexually in my own country?”

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