Top comedian and mcee, Oga Obinaa has revealed that he is a father of many. The Churchill show comedian made this revelation during an interview with Radio Jambo’s, Massawe Japanni.

Despite speculations that the comedian has sired 25 kids, he went on revealing that he has 17 kids only; four biological kids and 13 step children.

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Oga Obinna is a father after all, father to they say 25 but I am sure about 17. You know some of them when they come with their mothers you look at the children and you doubt. But you know if you want to know your child look at the shape of the head,” said the comedian.

Comedian Oga Obinna (right) with Nigeri’s top actor Mr. Ibu (left)

He went on adding that;

“Ok four kids are mine but the rest came with their mothers. Thirteen were ready made now four are mine, those are three ladies and one is a gentlemen, actually my second born daughter, Brianna is turning six today.

So I am a father, a very funny person, a musician then I do event hosting where we also do artist management. So that’s what I do for now.”

Listen to the interview below;

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