After Attending Finalists Dinner Semi-Nude, Makerere Student Faces Disciplinary Action


Two Makerere University girls broke the Internet a few weeks back, after they wore dresses that left nothing for imagination when attending the Makerere School of Education finalists’ dinner.

Giving American socialite, Kim Kardashian a definite run for her money, the girls wore revealing garments that left tons of acres of their bodies out for everyone to see.

The pictures however divided the opinions of the public as others advocated for the girls’ freedom of choice, others blasted the girls for dressing indecently.

Well Makerere university is having none of that and the girls are to face disciplinary action, according to a memo making rounds on the internet.

“The purpose of this letter is therefore to request you to show cause why you should not be presented to the University Student Union disciplinary committee for breach of regulation,” the memo addressed to one of the students, Rebecca Naddamba, reads in part.

Do you think the students should face disciplinary action?

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