Angry Akothee Publicly Blasts KPLC For ‘Inflating’ Her Bills (Photo)


The list of everyone who has ever complained about the Kenya Power and Lighting Company is endless. Let’s face it’s about time this company faces competitors, may be just maybe it would be more sufficient.

Taking up a public fight with the company is singer and entertainer, Akothee aka madam boss. In a bitter rant Akothee recently took to social media to blast the company for inflation of her bills, and boy does she pay huge bills. She wrote;

“am I in kenya or some other country , what is happening with KPLC, my bills just erected from 15, 000 per month in mombasa to 100,000 per month , well I bought your lies ; been paying it since I dint have time to follow up , now I recieve a call saying they had systematic era for the past 4 years ; that all the bills they sent for Rongo is an estimate , ; am required to pay 700,000ksh urgently , Half of the times I have lived in Rongo, the power has been 75% off ; forced to ran the generator 24/7, one of my employees said his bills rose from 900 ksh per month to 20, 000ksh in a one bedroomed house , ; all of a sudden he gets a bill of 200,000 ksh , due to their systematic era again.”

Vowing to move to solar power, Akothee continued to say; “whats happening , any one who is feeling the heat, ; whats this constant visit on private residence , dont you have a protocal ?, how many times do we have to open the gate for your meter readers , who cant even identify themselves ,; expect to be bribed , yet when there is an emergency you take years to come , even if its a transfomer bust , whats happening ? I need to uproot this shit ; instal solar asap , someone send me contacts for solar system nkt.”

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