All The Funny Comments About Uhuru Kenyatta’s Floral Shirt


Last Saturday, president Uhuru wore a custom made floral shirt that stirred conversations left, right and center. The shirt which was custom made by a talented local designer named Caroline Pulei has since been causing uproar online.

Here are some of the hilarious comment we came across on social media;

Wambui Cyn This shirt has taken weetabix and other cool kids mathogothanio and also attended a private international school

Gladys Charles Wc This shirt went to a group of schools that teaches the British education system.

Miromouse Mson Njuguna This shirt has commissioned all those projects in paper bana! Power to Kenyan designers…iko juu kaa windscreen ya boeing!

Esther Nyambura I also saw it and knew it has been to a boarding school

Oyoo Otieno Paul That shirt can make a better running mate than his current deputy.

Ongachi Ong’ayi I took a look at the shirt and I can tell you for sure that right now the prices of milk and flour don’t matter at all.

What funny comments have you seen?

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