Akothee of Akothee Safaris has made a her mark. She’s known for her music but her outlandish lifestyle is what gets her the most fans. Her laissez-faire approach to living life is the envy of many but that’s the least of her concerns.

The mother of five os doing a media tour and her recent stop at Standard opened up some of old sores.

She tells of her younger, married days and losses encountered.

She speaks of her early marriage saying,
“I was 14 and in Form 2. My parents were very angry but I decided to drop out and become a wife to the love of my life and raise my child. I lived with my mother-in-law and I would work in her house in exchange of food and accommodation.”

Well, I had two more children by the time I was 16. Unfortunately, the second child contracted pneumonia and died because I could not afford to take him to the hospital

She went on to rise from there to become a Tout, matatu driver, taxi drive then eventually started her own taxi business.

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