Singer Akothee has been making a lot of noise recently on social media after dropping her new song “Lotto”.

According to madam boss, she jokes a lot but she’s not after offending anyone. In a long post on Instagram, she explained herself and begged for forgiveness for her posts.

Read the post below:

“Sometimes we forget how strong we are , until the only option left with us is to be strong , I believe in God , I know he allows it to happen ,so that it can shape me to handle the future , We are all work in progress, handle people with care, everyone is handling some situations in their lives , somebody somewhere might be in a situation of loosing their lives.

“Someone might not have food for today , somebody is struggling with health issues in some hospital, someone has just lost their beloved ones , someone just became a baby mama with no income , someone just got a surprise divorce, someone went to bed married and woke up single, someone’s heart broken by a cheating spouse , someone is stuck in a dead relationship with reasons best known to them !?why dont we thank God for the breath of life.

“The challenges in life will not stop , it depends on how we handle the situation , God cannot give you what you can’t manage , every one is tried according to his / her capacity. ? If you feel like crying , please do it its healthy ! Wake up dust yourself and walk taaaal past your problems. If I ever hurt anyone with my jokes , let me be the first to say I am sorry , but please next time try to get the joke , life its not all that serious , you play too mu h witg your emotions , enjoy every moment on shoshomidia, it’s the only place for free and cheap entrance, you can choose to be in or out, issa a choice so why kill yourself for people who dont know you or your home? May you find peace today in Jesus name AMEN.”

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