Singer Akothee is at it again. This time it is something somehow funny and at the same time serious.

Akothee took to instagram to expose a thirsty man who wanted to feast on her and her daughter.

The unapologetic Madam Boss shared a screenshot of the thirsty man’s request. The man, claimed that Akothee and her daughter have been mesmerizing her and he demanded an appointment with both Akothee and her daughter.

Akothee and one of her daughters Rue Baby

“Hello madam boss, I really like you and your daughter. Can I have an appointment with her please?” said the man.

Akothee did not respond to the message with her savageious words as usual but instead she posted the screenshot leaving her fans in stiches.

“This one wants to eat chicken and its eggs 🤣😊🤣🤣 my fans are my world! Oha choose one life , hii ingine wacha,” she said. 

As usual her fans had something to say;

babygal__babes; Let him just eat the eggs and leave the chicken to produce other eggs😁😁😁we want our crazy chicken always here🤣🤣🤣🤣

mwendebubbly; Wale maboi walikuwa wanaogopa wazazi wa msichana walienda wapi?? God see your children 😂😂😂😂

kanyungutabby; But laziness is on another level! Go to her yourselofu! Even with all the shoshiomedia platforms bado unataka kusaidiwa kutafuta bibi? Huyu tumekataa

samueldamark; Hahaaa,,,aty chicken and its eggs,,Madam boss you will death me with laughter,,, #i die

dandanielles; 😂😂😂😂😂 Chicken n egg eater alert @akotheekenya

oh_johakim16; 😂😂😂ukipenda boga penda na ua lake no haramuuu biyo

bonietana_flavor; Ungempa tu appointment na daughter know its pleasure to get such a beautiful gift thee😁

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