After Humiliating Motorists At Sachangwan, NTSA Releases Names Of Kenya’s Most Wanted Drunk Drivers


Last week, the National Transport and Safety Authority(NTSA) shamed a number of careless drivers who could not keep to their lanes in Sachangwan. Drivers who broke the traffic rule were forced to carry placards written ‘Kindly Observe Lane Discipline.Dont Be Like Me’ for several hours. NTSA’s mode of punishment was lauded by Kenyans on social media who congratulated them via numerous platforms.

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The no-nonsense road safety group is back again, this time with a list of Kenya’s most wanted drunk drivers. NTSA has issued warrants of arrest against 32 drunk drivers wanted by the transport and road safety authority. This comes only a few days after the Sachangwan trend. The names of the traffic offenders, most from Nairobi county were published in a local daily on Thursday 29th 2016. NTSA accuses the 32 individuals of failing to appear in court after being found driving under the influence.

Below is the full list of Kenya’s most wanted drunk drivers;

1.George Kipgetich

2.Vincent Chep

3.Stanley Kamu

4.Willis Otieno

5.William Kamwaro

6.Daniel Chanzo

7.Bernard Kiirru

8.Geoffrey Amusala

9.Vincent Okongo

10.Samuel Kigo

11.Charles Murima

12.Michael Mwanzia

13.Benjamin Aura

14.Linet Underson

15.Lenana Faraj

16.Joseph Kamau

17.John Njoroge

18.Njoroge Wamburu

19.Dennis Kamau

20.Mohamud Mwai

21.Fridah Kerubo

22.Kelvin Munguti

23.Stephen Wanjara

24.Kennedy Mwandeghu

25.Lucy Wachira

26.Calvin Maina

27.David Wangecha

28.James Chalo

29.Amir Omsman

30.Daniel Kariuki

31.Majengo Murtadha

32.Bernard Kenye –

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