Actress Brenda Wairimu has explained why she posted steamy photos which caused a buzz on social media.
In a radio interview with Adelle Onyango on Kiss Fm the actress explained how she always had the idea of taking such pictures. Brenda went on stating that she wasn’t sure if she will share the pictures after the shoot.
“What I loved about this entire shoot, I really didn’t want to explain it number one. I went into it with the idea I wasn’t sure I was going to share these photos that I took. I knew that I had always wanted to take this kind of pictures. I’m the kind of person if I’m going to do a photoshoot there’s a reason behind why I’m doing it or a concept that I’m trying to bring to life. So as I was doing it I didn’t know how they’d turn out. I didn’t know I would share them and even when I did, I tried not explain them too much because I think they spoke differently to different people.” said the mother of one.
Actress Brenda Wairimu

In one of the photos, the petite gifted actress poses seductively in a white lingerie, leaving very little to imagination.

In another photo, Juliani’s baby mama wore a laced, two-piece with pink stockings.

The photos, which revealed her petite frame, left many fans drooling as they attracted all kinds comments. Check out some below;

licia.koh.359; U really want us dead

wemma254; tangu Juliani akuache, umekuwa bad gal

jaywell_prince; Lets jst say your account was hacked🔥🔥🔥

mwaimugoh; This is not have a baby and a husband.morals matter

arnold_sedakta_; Allow me to say that this is a NO NO. Just tell the story…

davidmwiti60; How can you expose such a skinny body.kula kwanza.there is nothing to admire here

victor_maish; Waaaaaaa we are your floor walk on us quuueennn bi….. Tomegwaaaaagwqaaaaaaa💝

hamza_254; Finish us,. FATALITY flawless victory 

moha_jay; I can see Akothee wako wengi😂😂😂😍😍😍

brian_daddy_yo; Hii sa ndo tunaonanga “parking reserved” kazi tu ni Kula na macho manzee🚶

kgathi2; Woi rela!! Naona muoto unawashwa. Weapon of mass distraction!!!

Check out the photos below;

Actress Brenda Wairimu Photo/Instagram
Actress Brenda Wairimu Photo/Instagram
Actress Brenda Wairimu Photo/Instagram

Check out the full interview below courtesy of Kisa Fm.

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