Mothers hold a special place in their children’s hearts. It’s one of the most difficult bonds to break or forget. Their influence stretches more than a lifetime as lessons and memories are passed on to the next generation in one form or another.

Abel Mutua a celebrated content creator lost his mum almost a decade ago and he took time to celebrate he life and what she instilled in his life.

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It’ll be nine years tomorrow since she left us. The woman who gave me life and tried taking it from me every now and then because of my indiscipline. Don’t be fooled by the light skin. Alikuwa anahang kwa bulb ananiangukia na elbow Ile design ya Rick Flair. 9 years later I still miss you mum. From the stories you told me about How you got to slay during the 1987 All Africa games, the beatings you gave me, how we used to dodge the landlord when things were tough, by the way I still do that with my landlord. Juzi alikujia rent nikafunga ribbon ya red kwa gari nikamshow nakimbia mazishi. Akanipatia one week nijipange. Thanks for the teachings mum. And the beatings too. Your girls @judynyawira and Steph are very okay. I wish you stayed around for a bit so you can see how these girls have blessed my life. But it’s all good. Tutakutana mbele. But lazima nilipe Mother Teresa thao mbili akushike beating juu ya kututoka hiyo design. Si poa. I miss you mum. I love you so damn much. 😍😍😍

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Typically Abel, Humorous but touching. Rest In Peace Mama Abel.

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