Weddings are a costly affair and more often than not, couples tend to sacrifice on most of their wishes just to see the day become a success. When you don’t have a committee to chip in here and there things tend to come to a head very fast.

According to script writer Abel Mutua, his wedding was no different. It was so intense that three days to the wedding, without a coin to spare, he realized they didn’t have an MC. 72 hours to the wedding and you don’t have a master of ceremony.

Being appreciation week, Abel took to social media ro celebrate the comic who came through for him and his wife on their big day, at no cost.

Here is what he had to say.

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#RandomPeopleAppreciationWeek This week I’m taking time off to appreciate individuals who’ve come through for me at one point or the other and I’m starting with this gentleman! The eagle himself. In 2015 My baby and I planned our wedding in less than a month. No committee, no nothing. It was heavy. 3 days to the event after we’ve run out of cash it hits us that we forgot to get an MC. I pick up the phone and call this gentleman right here. Mind you we had only met less than 3 times before this day. I tell him my story and without thinking twice, he tells me, ‘Bro! Arusi lazima ifanyike. Nitumie details zote, kitu ipigwe!’ He agreed to do it free of charge. I couldn’t believe it. There are good people out here. @drofweneke is definitely one of them. I can only pray for you Sir. Hiyo stage ya BET lazima utakanyaga. Shukran Babaa. I appreciate you.

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