Aaron Ochieng Introduces A New Twist In The Joy Doreen Biira’s Car Theft Case


Aaron Ochieng,a KTN journalist was yesterday charged with stealing his co-worker’s Mercedes Benz E200 from the Standard Group Offices car park. However, in a surprising turn of events, the journalist who works as an editor at KTN has introduced a new twist to the case by alleging that it was a planned theft, which actually involved the owner of the car, Joy Doreen Biira.

Aaron who was arraigned in court yesterday alongside two guards who were on duty as at the time of the theft has claimed in his statement that they had agreed with Biira to have the Mercedes Benz reported as missing but they would end up selling it and use the money to buy another car. Aaron claims that Biira gave him the car keys and assured him that guards at the gate would never stop the vehicle for inspection.

‘’With this assurance ,I drove the vehicle out of the parking yard at around 7.30 pm and true to her words, I was not stopped.’’ Aaron said. The KTN editor drove the car to Nyayo Estate in Embakasi, Nairobi where he parked it before heading back to the office on a motorcycle. Aaron got back to the office and assured Biira that he had safely hidden the car.

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According to Aaron, they had agreed that he should stay calm until such a time when things would have calmed down. Aaron claimed that it is not true that Biira did not know a thing about the whole ‘theft’.

‘’I did not have any bad intention of changing the car registration number ,but since I knew the original number had been circulated, I had no option but to change it since I had to use the vehicle for my Christmas trip.’’ Aaron said in his statement.

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