A Few Gift Ideas for Ladies to Their Men This Valentines


It is that time of the year again, when red roses, wine and chocolates go on a high season. Traditionally, it has been men doing the most of the giving during Valentines day. However, as times advance, things are changing and men too need to be appreciated. Here are a few gift items you can purchase for your man for Valentines day.

  1. Jewellery: A good watch or bracelet would make a statement. Men are generally not too flashy when it comes to jewellery but we do love to keep it classy and while there may be fewer categories of jewellery that we can get, it will work magic if you get your man something he can smile about.
  2. Electronics: Men do value electronics quite a bit. Get him a fancy portable speaker, headphones, gaming devices, digital accessories for his phone – like the Apple watch or any Android watch – just be sure what phone he uses. An Android box for his TV would also do the trick.
  3. Car Accessories: Of course this applies if he has a car. We love our cars. We are also very loyal to our cars and if you can make our cars look any better, you have our heart. Accessories may range from tires and rims or even interior improvements. Also for under Kshs. 5000, you can get his car buffed to refresh it’s look.
  4. A Spa Session: This will be more interesting if you are present and do not let him pay for it.

There are many more things you can give him, just ensure you do something that is not done every day and better, one that will last a while longer than Valentines day.

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