Jacque Maribe’s boyfriend Joe Irungu famously known as Jowie the main suspect in the Monica Kimani gruesome murder was not granted bail because he was at flight risk and worst of it all he was homeless.He had no residence here in Kenya.

Joe Jowie was living at Maribe’s house in Lang’ata area, he was driving his car and rumoured to be also getting money from Jacque.

Justice James Wakiaga branded Jowie a woman eater and from Jowie’s moves while he was dating Maribe we drained these 5 signs that you might encounter when dating a slayking

1.He lives with you or his parents

A man eater lives off other people and this is probably you or his parents. If he is with his parents he is always asking them for money. He will never contribute to house bills. This guy has never bought even a loaf of bread leave alone paid the electricity bill or water bill. Shock on you when he asks you to change the light bulb.

2.All he has to offer is sex

A man eater has no job, he is home all day. There’s definitely a female version of a scrub out there who only offers sex in a relationship and they are known as slay queens. The only good thing he can do or talk about is his offering in bed.

3.He borrows money from you constantly

Because he has no job he is constantly borrowing money from you; basically he is on your payroll. A woman eater is the master of manipulation, he will make you feel sorry for him and in return buy him things or give him money to do so.

4.He doesn’t respect for your property

Does he constantly make really long calls to friends using your phone? Use your car for longer that he promised or use any of your property a bit too much or without your permission? Yep you are dating a woman eater! He uses all your stuff simply because he can’t afford to get his own things and has no intention of buying anything for himself.

5.He has no job

It is hard to find a job with the current economic situation. A woman eater is not looking for a job and he will give excuses as to why he cannot get a job. He does not give excuses as to why he is not sending out his CV which you have helped him create. Guarding the house and dropping you to and from work is not a job.

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