5 Kenyan Artists Who Made 2014 a Better Year


    Kenyan music is indeed on an uphill and each single day we are seeing great talent from new and the veteran musicians. 2014 was a great year in Kenyan music, we reached a lot of peaks and indeed, we made it a better year and prepared well for the next year. Most musicians went out their way to ensure their fans had the best from them and indeed, we cannot put every artist on a list but here are a few notable acts of 2014.

    1. Elani – I have know the Elani trio for about 5 years now and I have had flashes of their journey to becoming the great music group they are today. In 2010, I attended a few open mic sessions at Chester House on Koinange Street that Elani hosted and I definitely knew they were headed for greatness. 2014 was indeed their year as they came out shining brighter than any other starts. We can only expect greater things this year. Maureen, Wambu and Bryan you made us proud in 2014, indeed we need more in 2015!

    2. The Kansoul – When single acts that are already doing great come together to make better their acts, the result can only be perfection. This grouping of talent came together and with their debut hit Dabotap, they made an instant entry into house hold songs and probably making what is one of the biggest hits of 2014 in Kenya.

    3. Size 8 – I have to admit, when Size 8 announced that she had made a switch to gospel music and that she was now a born again christian, I had my doubts she would survive in the music business. She has indeed proven me wrong and went ahead to excel big in 2014, making her one of the most sought performers in Kenya. I would boldly say that no one performed in more concerts than Size 8 in 2014 and indeed, her music has made a mark that left 2014 a better year.

    4. H_art the Band – When I first met these guys, I did not have a picture of what to expect from them in terms of music. In appearance, they look nothing like celebrities but then I would go and say that are artists and well, they chose their branding. Uliza Kiatu indeed qualifies them to this list – their most popular song, one of the most poetic compositions. Indeed, we expect to hear great things from them.

    5. Rabbit – When I watched the Coke Studio season 2’s final episode, I got confirmation that Rabbit is one of the most talented rappers in the country. Niaje made his double album which we launched last year and I had no doubt that he was a great artist but listening to Wyclef Jean talk about him took it to a whole new level. Here is a video with the comments that Wyclef made about Rabbit.

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